Inside Out Jail Ministries (ISO) "Lives Changing From the Inside Out" A 501(c)3 Non-Profit at Orange County Jail, Orlando, FL
Inside Out Jail Ministries(ISO)"Lives Changing From the Inside Out" A 501(c)3 Non-Profit at Orange County Jail, Orlando, FL 

How We Help

We offer assistance to anyone that wants re-entry help with Resources (ID, employment, shelters) and Substance Abuse Programs including  victims of Human Trafficking and those with addictions.


Our Inside Transition Team works with each resident that requests assistance  gathering information needed for their individual plan. We work with and assist Pulblic Defenders/Social Workers for proper help to the resident . 


We provide education through a 5 week course on 'Obstacles and Challenges of Transition'. Focus areas include areas such as  'Criiminal And Addictive  Thinking',  Temptations, Submt to Authority, Building Trust,  Goal Setting. They also choose a Life Scripture for their lives, build a 24-72 plan and decide thier needs prior to release.


We provide continuing education and spiritual development through Chriustian based studies focused on Recovery and Transition. 


We train Spiritual Mentors and Pen Pals so they are available (if desired) by the resident for Spiritual Development.


In some cases, we provide interim housing in order to help those truly desiring help get to their next destination. In some cases, we assist with  Transportation. 


We coordinate with families for support and communication with Transition.


We provide clothing to those in need at time of Release and/or those traveling to other destinations. 


We provide outside support during transition.  If local, connecting them to local churches and recovery programs for continued growth. 


All in all, we are preparing those inside for their transition and success outside. 




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